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Welcome to Aussie Bamboo Huts,

Our huts are delivered in kit form for $18000AUD GST. They stand alone (unsecured) on level land, no stumps or bases required,therefore no council permit required

as they can be easily moved.

The approx size is 6 metres long x 4 metre wide and magnificent thatched roofs, woven bamboo walls and are Very strong and sturdy.

If required the Kit can be assembled by us for approx $2000AUD and will look exactly as the pics.
The main doorway will also be bamboo.

Or if you are a handy person assembly can be done easily by yourself.

Any extras such as Windows (aluminium or timber with glass panels) will be $200 each..

Composting toilet, solar panels & battery system for lights, shower cubicle, and water tank can be purchased separately

either through us or privately as you need them.This creates a totally independent and self-sufficient living area.

Cotton mosquito nets, Indonesian style, will be available for purchase for $350 each in queen or king size.

Brightly coloured bean bags,single & double, for the downstairs resting area can be purchased for $250 each.This creates an authentic Indo feel.

The huts will be starting to arrive in approx 12 weeks time, so if you would like to see one completed kit without the extras, it will be on our property for

viewing from early December.

If you are interested in the Bamboo House from the pics, you may order now.

A $5000 AUD deposit is required and secures your Bamboo hut. Orders will be delivered in preference of secured deposit.

Ordered huts will take approx 16 to 20 weeks to arrive in Australia.

Ph; 0410358391

Please contact me if you need further information.

These unique Bamboo Huts can be used for a multitude of purposes such as a B&B, AirB&B or extra room for any home.

You could also expand and create a small community using communal toilet and showers and place 5 or 6 huts together on a property.

There are so many uses and advantages for these simple yet beautiful huts.

Hope you enjoy the pics & decide to include one of these amazing huts on your property for a taste of Indonesia.

Thank you

Albie Curtis

Enquiries: Alb*e13@b*

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Wow! the Authenticity is amazing, I didn’t know that these were actually from Asia and hand made.    I feel like I’m on holiday every time I go into the back yard.

Cassie - Byron Bay, NSW

I feel I gone back to my parents place whenever I go home, I Recommended!

Fawah Gympie, QLD